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Margarethe Plumhoff
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Liability exclusion
"" is a private board and don't trace economic interests. If you want to complain about something, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will try to solve it as fast as I can.

1. Content of this website
The author don't warrant for the actuality, correctitude, completeness or quality of the offered informations. The author is not liable for material or ideally damage by the use of false and fragmentary informations unless he deals demonstrable malicious or grossly negligent. All offers are non-binding and without commitment. The author reserve one's right to change the website or the complete offer without a separate announcement and to delete or stop the website.

2. Links
The author is not liable for direct or indirect links to external websites ("hyperlinks") which are outside of his area of responsibility unless he knows the content and he technically can or could prevent the use of illegal content. The author announce explicit, that no illegal content was visible at this moment of the positioning of the link for the linked sites. The author has no influence for the future design, the future content or the future copyright of the linked sites. The author dissociate oneself from all content of all linked sites, which are changed after the positioning of the link. This means all links of the whole website and the links of other members in the guestbook, forums, linklist, mailinglist and databases. For illegal, false or fragmentary content and for damage which is produced of the use or disuse of that informations is the author of the linked site liable and not the author who sets the link to show that content.

3. Copyright and licenses
The author try to observe the copyright of all pictures, graphics, soundfiles, videos and texts in all publications, to use own pictures, graphics, soundfiles, videos and texts or to use license-free pictures, graphics, soundfiles, videos and texts. All named and perhaps by a third party owned trademarks and brands are liable to the available rights and the right of ownerships of the registered owners. Only based on mention, you can't assume that trademarks are not patent by the rights of a third party. The copyright for published, self-made objects belongs to the author of the sites. If the author don't allow to copy or use those graphics, audio-files, videos and texts in other electronic or printed publications, you are not entitled to do so.

4. Privacy protection
If you have the chance to insert personal or commercial data (mail, name, adress), you do this voluntary. You can also be anonym by using a pseudonym. The use of the contact-data like adress, telephone, fax and mail in this legal notice is not allowed for a third party for sending informations which are not requested explicit.

5. Tips for your privacy protection and personal data
The protection of your personal data for the use of this website (registration) is very important for us. Your data will be safe within the law. Consecutively you'll find informations which data will be used while you visit this website and how they will be used:

Use of personal data
If you make the personal data available for us, we'll use it only for the technical administration (e. g. blocking of users by violations against the forumrules). We don't pass your personal data on a third party unless it is a violation. You have the right to cancel your acceptance every time for now and the future.

Deletion of personal data
The deletion of the saved personal data can take place, when you cancel your acceptance for the storage or when your storage is illegal.

Right of access
On enquiry, we will be pleased to inform you about the saved data about your person.