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  • "Wird es für neu entwickelte Dungeons auch immer eine Veteranen-Version bei deren Release geben oder hätten diese schon einen höheren Schwierigkeitsgrad?" We are going to wait and see what average level the player population is when we near releasing a new dungeon. The plan currently is to have them be veteran only versions, but that could change.

  • "Meine frage wie wichtig ist die Ausrüstung im späteren verlauf des Spiels, bzw. kommt es mehr auf die Ausrüstung (Items) an oder auf den skill des Spielers?" Items play a big part in player power, but player skill is the great equalizer. As I've mentioned in previous posts you will be able to get good gear in whatever type of content you choose to play and then take that gear into another type and still be effective. You can level up to 50 in PVE if you choose and then go Cyrodiil to PVP and be…

  • "Als Rollenspieler interessiert mich mal - und ich bin leider nicht dazu gekommen, die Beta zu testen -, ob "wir Rollenspieler" vom PvE auch profitieren können, z. B. durch eine... hm... ich nenne es einmal eine "Plakette", die mich als einen Sieger über einen bestimmten Dungeon-Gegner ausweist?" Yes, there are a few of these types of items scattered throughout the world currently. I'm not telling where though!

  • "Wird es auch in Cyrodiil Dungeons geben, in denen man womöglich sogar auf eine feindliche Gruppe stößt?" Yep! We have "explorable caves" in Cyrodiil as well. I think these are going to be pretty popular hotspots for small group PVP as more and more people discover them.

  • "Wird es "geheime" Dungeons geben die unabhängig von Quests sind und man nur durch Erkundung entdecken kann?" Yes! These are small dungeons that don't have any vector quests to them (we call them explorable caves). They are just out there for the player to discover and explore. Once inside, some of simple quests or events in them, some do not.

  • "Wurde schon mal darüber diskutiert, ob man die Gesichter der Gruppenmitglieder sieht, statt nur deren Namen? " For Launch? No. Post Launch? I guess there is always the possibility, though it is probably pretty small. Our goal with the UI is to keep things minimalist and simple. We want to keep the player focused on the world, rather than playing the UI.

  • "Wie schnell kann man mit neuen "kleineren" Gruppeninhalten wie Dungeons rechnen bzw. in welchem Abstand sollen solche Inhalte hinzugefügt werden?" We have a very aggressive post launch schedule. Without going too much into details (we haven't announced out post launch plans yet), we already have some teams working on creating content for post launch (dungeons included).

  • "Wird es Skyshards geben, welche nur in Gruppendungeons zu finden sind?" We did not put skyshards in the group instance no. They are in the public dungeons, explorable caves, and regular overland areas.

  • "wird es nötig sein gegnergruppen in instanzen gezielt zu kontrollieren ( Bsp. sheep, freeze, etc.) um dungeons zu meistern?" Yes, every class has access to some form of CC (either short duration or long). Dark Talons is one such example that Dargonknights have that is an AoE, short duration CC. Another example would be the Nightblade's Agony ability which is a single target, long duration CC.

  • "Der letzte Endboss vom Video mit den Dunklen Ankern hatte relativ wenig Lebenspunkte. Wird es hiervon wesentlich schwerere Gegner geben auf Level 50 mit mehr HP und einer grösseren Herausforderung?" Oh yes, there are tons of much more difficult monsters in the game. Our veteran dungeons are pretty hard, monsters there kill with impunity if you are careful and pay attention to your surroundings.

  • "Wird der Heiler genauso viel EP- Erfahrung in der Gruppe erhalten wie der Rest?" As long as you participate in the fight (contribute with healing or damage) you will share in the XP equally with the group. Keep in mind that "role" in our game doesn't mean just doing one thing over and over. It means being able to fill in effectively when the time arises. For example, in a group instance - being the healer doesn't mean you just heal. You will need to fight also or the group will lose precious DP…

  • "Werden Gruppen-Dungeons Abklinkzeiten haben, d.h. wird es so sein, dass man eine Dungeon nur 1 mal am Tag oder einmal in der Woche betreten darf ?" They do not! As I mentioned a few posts earlier, we really want players to be able to play the type of content they want to, when they want to. We don't want to restrict players with lock out / cooldown timers. If you really love running veteran dungeons, then by all means knock yourselves out.

  • "Hallo, wird es wieder notwendig sein Abzeichen oder Ruf in Instanzen zu sammeln um diese gegen Gegenstände einzutauschen?" We don't have any alternate currency in our game. When you kill the big baddie, you get to loot the item directly off them.

  • Quote: “wird das gruppeninterface nochmal überarbeitet?"” There are a few tweaks planned, but nothing to completely overhaul the UI before launch. What we have now for the group UI is probably what is going to be there for launch.

  • "Wird es Gruppenevents / Dungeons geben die Rätsel / Mechanismen enthalten?" Yes there are a few of these scattered around in the world. There are a number of hidden group challenges in the public dungeons and our veteran dungeons also have "hard mode" achievements for group who wish to test how well they work together.

  • "Hallo, werden Instanzen Bosse spezielle Items droppen, die man nur dort kriegt? Stichwort: Instanzen farmen " Bosses in instances have their own unique loot tables yes, but you are able to get similar gear elsewhere. Our goal for the game is that you can play what you want, when you want. If you prefer to run dungeons with friends - you can. If at some point you decide you would rather go PVP, you can easily and not have to start over gear progression wise in order to be able PvP effectively.

  • Quote from M-arkin: “Hallo meine Frage ist: Wird es möglich sein im Rahmen des PVEs vielleicht auf so genannte "Easter-Eggs", welche sich auf Inhalte der anderen Elder Scrolls Teile beziehen, zu treffen? ;) ” Yes, there are lots of these types of things hidden around the world in ESO. We scoured the lore from the previous games for events that are only written about in books and that fit our time period. We have brought a number these events to life for the player to experience. Also, if you are…