News of Summerset of the orcs visit in London at the 27th March 2018

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  • News of Summerset of the orcs visit in London at the 27th March 2018

    Attention: This article contains minor spoilers!

    Summerset will be the second chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online and will be released on June 5, 2018 for PC / Mac, Xbox One and Playstation 4. However, any PC / Mac pre-orders may enter the wonderful world of Summerset on May 21, 2018.

    As part of Summerset's announcement, some attendees from the press, magazines and fan sites were invited by ZOS to have a quick visit to London on March 27, 2018.

    So the journey of the orc began in Hamburg. With the plane leaving Hamburg at 10:35, I landed in London with two other participants. Thankfully, we were picked up, but the ride took a while through the well-clogged streets of London.

    At about 1:00 pm, we arrived at the event site, the “Ugly Duck”. There the scenes were already perfectly organized by ZOS. There were several rooms for direct interviews with the developers, a room for presentations, a roundtable for discussions with the developers, and then the room where Summerset could be played live.

    First, a presentation was waiting for the Orc by Matt Firor himself. He showed us once again the first two trailers of Summerset and explained some things about the game, the story and the plans of ZOS.

    Then we all went over to the game itself. 60 minutes playing time for Summerset. I was completely overwhelmed. First of all, I created a template char that is already 50 and has full champion points. With this character, I then ported myself directly to the new trial. I just wanted to take a look at the new bosses. There one is greeted directly by a griffon (or its rider to be specific). Then I opened the gate and ran as fast as I could across the bridge which two griffins bumped against. I panted up the stairs. And tadaaaaa: Crash :D

    However, this demo version was only an alpha build, which means bugs etc. are not surprising. A service employee came by and told me that I shouldn’t use a template, but one should start with a new character. This was no problem and I made a new character and played the tutorial through before setting my feet into Summerset. I played some of the first quests there before the urge to adventure had me running out into the zone. I quickly used the crown shop to get my riding speed and endurance to 60/60, then I rode out to explore everything, yeah! Of course, studying the Achievements as well!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t discover Artaeum, which has the beginning quest line for the Psijic Order. However, I talked to the other attendees afterwards and discovered you do not gain the skill line immediately (like the Mage and Warrior Guild), but later in the quest line. For that reason, none of those I talked to could tell me about the skills, because one hour just wasn’t enough time if you did the tutorial at a steady pace.

    After one hour of playtime, we were able to attend a "roundtable" where we could ask the developers questions specifically about Summerset. The people available at the roundtable were:
    • Matt Firor (Game Director)
    • Ala Diaz (Production Designer)
    • Bobby Weir (UI Designer)
    • Kai Schober (German Community Manager)

    In between, you could enjoy a few nice Tamrielic snacks.

    And around 17:00 o'clock we were already on the way home.
    At this point also a big thank you to ZOS for the invitation!
    Below, I've split my findings into categories again, so you're well prepared for Summerset:

    General information about Summerset

    Summerset is a chapter for all players, not just veterans, so high-end content players. It also includes the basic game if you buy it. So just maybe worth a look for newcomers!
    In addition to Summerset comes automatically update 18 for all out, this is a basic game update that also works if you do not have a chapter or DLC.
    Hereby are introduced:
    • Daily log-in rewards that bring you a small gift (consumer goods, currency, special collectibles or crown boxes).
    • Items in the crown shop can now also be gifted (almost every item can be gifted).
    • Daily Rewards for the Battlegrounds (the first battleground every day grants you rewards, similar to the dungeon group quest).


    Summerset is the first time since Elder Scrolls Arena. It is home to the High Elves, an ancient land with an ancient past, and also the first land the High Elves entered. There the development of the magic is noticeable. Queen Ayrenn decides to open the gates of Summerset for the first time for all. Of course, this not only brings yourselves to the island, but also problems with it. Razum'Dar, the queen's right hand, will therefore ask you for help on some matters. While doing quests there, you can also admire the picturesque landscape with the elegant architecture of the High Elves. Because the country is untouched by war, the buildings (unless disturbed by age) are in very good condition with hardly any ruins to be found. In addition, the landscape is very mountainous and includes some coral beaches. Summerset is governed by the "Proxy Queen". But there are also dark influences of a Daedric prince in Summerset again ... but you have to find out for yourself!
    Summerset as Zone will be significantly larger than Morrowind with more than 40 hours of quest content.

    New tutorial

    As with Morrowind (the first chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online), Summerset introduces a new tutorial. So, at the beginning of the game (when creating a new character), you can decide whether you want to play the new tutorial or skip it. I can recommend you try it with at least one character. I found it very interesting that in a kind of monster wave you have to try out important things like "light attack", "heavy attack" and "interrupt" directly one after the other. Later, you will also encounter a more difficult opponent, where you have to dodge red areas and try the just learned combat attacks. I found that a very appropriate exercise. The atmosphere is already a bit on Summerset, even if it is a bit darker (because obviously in the underground). Once you have completed the tutorial, you will land directly in Summerset and begin the first quests there.

    By the way, by completing the new tutorial you will get a skill point directly (this is an innovation compared to the standard tutorial and Morrowind tutorial).

    New NPC Guild: The Psijic Order

    The Psijic Order will be a new NPC guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can join them like the other guilds, complete quests, earn points and level up the skill line to unlock stronger abilities. In this case, joining is not done immediately, but you must first gain the trust of the Order, before you are equipped with the special skills. So that means: Quests for the Order (this also increases the Order's skill line)! Everyone can join, no matter which class or which race you have selected. The important thing is that you must have Summerset, otherwise you can’t join the Psijic Order.

    The Order can be found in the Artaeum on Summerset. They consider themselves the founders of magic, study them and try to figure out how the world works. Tamriel aims to make them a better place, but they do not want to play a permanent role in the presence of the peoples, unlike the Mages Guild.

    Skills of the Psijic Order
    There will be 1 ultimate skill, 5 active and 5 passive abilities. Each active and ultimate ability also has 2 morphs so one can specialize the respective ability again in a special direction. These skills, like other skills, work the same way: Active and the ultimate ability - if enabled by a skill point - can be dragged into the action bar (Bar 1 or 2) and then used, provided you have the appropriate resource (Stamina, Magicka, or Ultimate Power) has sufficient amount available.
    The skills themselves revolve around the time, because the members of the Order are masters of time.

    Ultimate ability
    Teleport back in time by 4 seconds, granting you instant recovery of your resources at the time. It's not possible to reset yourself to avoid dangerous effects, as you still get them (example: getting the wrong color in Maw of Lork'haj and then returning to the group to blow them up does not work, as there are no debuffs affected). It is also not possible, for example, to jump off a cliff in Cyrodiil, while a zerg follows, and then laugh at the fact that all fall down the cliff while Undo again stands on the edge of the cliff. Probably you could try it, the developers said, but if you have no ground under your feet for 2 seconds, the ability is automatically no longer activatable, i. it can not be used (or possibly only with fast reaction time). Furthermore, the skill will most likely have relative costs (Ultimate), much like the other Ultimates.

    Active skills
    You focus your mind and body into a meditative status. While active, your life, stamina, and magicka will regenerate over time. Perfect for those who want to recover from a fight. One morph grants you more resources per second, while the other gives you Major Protection during the channel. The skill can be bashed, but is not interrupted by incoming damage, although you are hold andcannot move.
    time stop
    Freeze the time passage at a certain point in a 8m radius. You can thereby hold your enemies in place, slow them down, doing damage and eventually freeze them. In this way, you can escape certain situations quickly. It works similar to the warden ultimate.

    Imbue weapons
    Casting this skill applies a buff that adds extra Physical Damage to your next two Light Attacks for 2s. One morph turns this into a Magicka skill and applies a random status effect (Burning, Concussed or Chilled). The other morph heals you for 15% of the damage done.

    This skill is an instant-cast Magicka skill that grants you 3s of Major Expedition and 12s of Minor Force. One morph reduces the cost of Sprint by 50% for 12s, while the other morph becomes a channeled skill, but triples the duration (36s).

    4th skill
    Your Light attacks now heal your group members.

    5th skill
    Passive skills
    Currently all unknown.

    New trial: Cloudrest

    Cloudrest is home to the gryphons and old keepers of Summerset. The Divine Tribunal evacuated and cordoned off the city of Cloudrest after an untold disaster, so you must gather your strongest allies around you and face the challenge! It is a new 12-player trial with various levels of difficulty (similar to Asylum Sanctorium). So you can decide how difficult the final boss is going to be by tackling or skipping the rest of the bosses one by one and eventually fighting everyone.

    There are four bosses in Cloudrest, so the veteran Hardmode is a lot more demanding and time consuming.
    In addition, all four bosses have particularly challenging mechanics, which require a lot of cooperation and coordination.
    If you finish this trial on the hardest version (Vet Hardmode), you'll get "perfect" weapons again. In the normal and veteran version there will be "normal" weapons. In addition, four new Item Sets are available in all versions.

    New profession: jewelry crafting

    This profession works much like the other professions in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can make items (also set items at the special set locations in Tamriel), utilize, enhance or analyze.

    Items that can be made with this profession are: jewelery (rings and necklaces). In order to be able to produce objects at all, however, one must first collect the material (orpiment) or acquire it from other players or in the guild shop for gold. If you want to collect it yourself, you can do it all over Tamriel. Once you have the material, you can go to any jewelry crafting station in all Tamriel (also set-crafting stations) and make your rings and necklaces there. Also writs and master writs will be possible for this profession. Crafted Set items are BoE (Bind on Equip, not bound and can be sold) and non-set items are not bound.

    A total of 9 traits can be researched. Robust, Arcane and Healthy we already know from current rings and necklaces in the game, but still need to be researched by you.
    There will also be 6 more traits that are completely new to the game.
    • Bloodthirsty – Increase execute damage by 20% when enemy is below 25%
    • Harmony – Increases the potency of Damage, Healing, Recovery & Damage Shields granted by Synergies by 35%
    • Infused – Increases the effect of the enchantment by 60%
    • Triune – Increases health, magicka, stamina by 435
    • Protective – Adds 1844 Physical resistance
    • Swift – Increased movement speed by 10%
    Incidentally, it will not be possible to destroy rings and necklaces you own before Summerset with the appearance of the chapter. That means if you still have some, you can sell them or research them. At the moment it is still unclear whether one can deconstruct the rings and necklaces that end up in the inventory after Summerset. In any case, you can use your own or other items made by other players. However, upgrading, transmuting or analyzing currently found items will still be possible, just not deconstruction.

    However, you can immediately upgrade the jewelry that you currently own with the release of Summerset. However, the "Golden" in Cyrodiil will continue to exist even after its release (selling legendary rings and necklaces for gold or alliance points), you can continue to buy from her, or you can just collect the rings yourself and upgrade them. Incidentally, there are also new tempers for upgrading.
    In addition, a "retrait" on the items will be possible, so you can change the properties on rings or necklaces via the in-game transmutation system if you have enough transmutation stones.

    Of course there are - as with the other professions - also in the jewelry crafting skills that can be improved by skill points to increase the effectiveness of the profession. You can find this skillline under Skills> Craft> Jewelry Crafting. In order to learn all skills, you need a total of 17 skill points. Some of them are in Summerset itself (see below under "New Skill Points") or you already collected them through quests, dungeons, celestial shards, etc. throughout Tamriel. As with the other professions, you can improve the quality of your crafted items, the visibility of the material in the world, the chance to get better loot from deconstructing, the analysis time, and an improved chance to upgrade items (so to use less hardeners to improve an item).

    This profession gives you more flexibility in choosing your sets. In addition, you can also create new legendary rings and necklaces (especially in the craftable sets are now good combinations possible).
    Incidentally Summerset is needed so that you can use the jewelry profession, otherwise you have in the base game only the ability to buy items made by other players, but can’t make them yourself. If you do not own Summerset, you can still collect and sell the materials for the jewelry trade.

    New skillpoints
    In Summerset, you can gain a few new skill points as you play through the island's main quest. According to experience, this should be about 4-6, but an exact number is unfortunately not known to me.
    Further skill points (6 pieces) you get by collecting the skyshards in Summerset. There are 18 skyshards and for each collected 3 you get a skill point (so 18: 3 = 6).
    For new players (or veterans starting a new character) there is a free skill point if you play through the new tutorial (see also above under "New Tutorial").

    Summerset is also introducing some new achievements that will allow you to earn more achievement points. These achievement points give you no benefit, but a little motivation. There are again quite different achievements: For the new profession, quests & exploration, the new trial and a few more!

    Here are the achievements as of March 27, 2018, some of them are still maintained as placeholders, descriptions, titles, etc. can therefore change until the final version!

    balance changes
    With Summerset there will be new skills (see above under "Psijic Order") introduced, so there are also some balance changes made by the developers in order to adapt the other skills in the game or to ensure that there are no overpowering skills. For more infos have a look at Alcast, Woeler, Shimmer or Ixtyr.

    At a later point in the future, a class balance patch will be introduced, and the survivability of pets will be improved.

    More arenas
    The official forum was already rumored that there will be a two player arena with Summerset. However, the developers in London did not confirm this: there are currently no plans to introduce such a thing. But it was not excluded, so maybe this will happen once in the future.

    To conclude, we will give a total of 3 packages away among you diligent readers, including:
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